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Saturday, 23 April 2016

11street - BHPetrol

Petrol price is one of the most important issue in our country, especially after the government decided to apply the floating system in monthly basis. Even though the current price is considered low now due to the global oil crude price crisis, we shouldn't let go any opportunities to save our daily petrol cost just to fight against the inflation rate.

Guess what? A good deal would be the BHPetrol e-vouchers in 11street:
Perhaps RM9 to purchase a RM10 e-voucher is not a good deal since the saving is only RM1. However, there are 2 ways you can purchase the voucher with more discount.

1. Campaign Coupon
11street used to give discount coupons on & off through multiple of campaigns. I managed to get a RM10 coupon through a LINE campaign. With this coupon, I only paid RM17 for RM30 BHPetrol vouchers:

2. Credit Card Coupon
11street uses to work with credit card company to give away various of discount coupon. I downloaded a Citibank 15% discount voucher and I paid RM25.20 for RM30 BHPetrol vouchers:

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