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Saturday, 23 April 2016

11street - BHPetrol

Petrol price is one of the most important issue in our country, especially after the government decided to apply the floating system in monthly basis. Even though the current price is considered low now due to the global oil crude price crisis, we shouldn't let go any opportunities to save our daily petrol cost just to fight against the inflation rate.

Guess what? A good deal would be the BHPetrol e-vouchers in 11street:
Perhaps RM9 to purchase a RM10 e-voucher is not a good deal since the saving is only RM1. However, there are 2 ways you can purchase the voucher with more discount.

1. Campaign Coupon
11street used to give discount coupons on & off through multiple of campaigns. I managed to get a RM10 coupon through a LINE campaign. With this coupon, I only paid RM17 for RM30 BHPetrol vouchers:

2. Credit Card Coupon
11street uses to work with credit card company to give away various of discount coupon. I downloaded a Citibank 15% discount voucher and I paid RM25.20 for RM30 BHPetrol vouchers:

Monday, 29 December 2014

United We Stand!

The Eastern Coast of Penisular Malaysia has experienced a non-stop downpour and caused severe flash flooding and landslides, leaving over 118,000 people homeless. The situation remains critical due to the heavy rain, floodwaters keep ascending and food supplies are running low. Let us work hand in hand to help the victims in need. Find out more how you can make a difference here!

Friday, 23 May 2014

Instagram also can make money~~~

Have you ever think before, Instagram also can make money? While posting pictures, you also can earn some pocket money. Guess what, ChurpChurp online advertisement allows you to do so!

Just post a romantic pictures of you and your loved one, follow all the below steps and you could get RM2.50 per picture! Yes, it's simple and straight forward!

Sunday, 18 May 2014


I just joined WhoHAA recently after introduced by one of my ex-colleague. Basically, this website rewarding you when you spare some time to understand a Sponsored Message. Yes, just understand Sponsored Message. It is a point system and you can redeem vouchers using your points.

Unfortunately, all vouchers require at least > 1000 points! E.g., 1900 points for RM10 KFC voucher, 2000 points for RM10 Tesco vocuher, 2000 points for RM10 Jusco voucher and etc. One campaign only allow you to earn about 20 points in average and you need to accumulate the point for quite some time... (This is bad...)

However, I think WhoHAA started to 'sense' the above concern and they worry many users may not be consistent to keep on logging in the website. Hence, they introduced the Esquire Kitchen RM10 cash voucher, with only 99 points! 

Well, if you have extra time and looking for some vouchers earning, you can join WhoHAA. It is free and time is the only winning factor!

Friday, 3 January 2014

2013 Summary

Happy New Year to everyone! Well, let's summarize the earning through all the online advertisement / survey so far in year 2013.


Total earning in year 2013 = RM516.40.  It is about RM43.03 per month. Not too much, but it is still a good website to make money since the method is simple - Just share the advertisement to your friends & family!

Valued Opinions

Answered 9 surveys in year 2013 with total earning = RM55. However, it can be only converted the earning to either KFC/Pizza Hut voucher or Jusco voucher.

Global Test Market

Redeem $100 = RM314.45 in year 2013.


Earn 1435 points in year 2013. It is equivalent to RM50 in KFC/Ayamas/Pizza Hut gift vocuhers!


Redeem 64,000 points in year 2013. It is equivalent to RM80 in cash!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

ChurpChurp Earning in 2 Years~~~

I joined ChurpChurp > 2 years with first earning in Aug'11. It is time to summarize the earning from ChurpChurp along these 2 years.

The total earning from 2 years = RM1335.40! In average, the earning is RM55.64 per month.

Well, earning extra RM50 per month seems very little...But, isn't it better than nothing at all?

In addition, we don't need to spend so much effort for the extra RM50. Thanks ChurpChurp!

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Online Survey: Toluna

Toluna is one of the well-known paid surveys companies in Malaysia. The best part from this online survey company - You can cash out RM20 through PayPal after accumulate 16,000 points. Guess what? I joined Toluna in Mar'13 and got USD 26.10 (RM80) payout just in 3 months time! Sign up is totally free and you can start earning today!